420-500 POUNDS on average removed per week

132,823 = grand total removed since 2013  

Over 66 TONS! 

75-80% of this trash is made of plastics


Telephone:  561-507-0345

Email:  diane@friendsofpalmbeach.com

PO Box 3014, Palm Beach, FL 33480


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Friends of Palm Beach

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We clean the beaches regularly, in an eco-friendly way, along Palm Beach. Whether its a monthly volunteer event or our weekday cleans with our crew, we seek to eliminate incoming ocean trash from our beach. We have key partners that allow us access to move north and south of particular locations to rid our natural world of plastics and unnatural debris. 

Partnering with other non-profits job placement programs to help end the cycle of homelessness while also helping to end the cycle of trash in our ocean

Friends of Palm Beach Inc.


Founded: 2014

Founder: Diane Buhler

TIN: 30-0845635

PO Box 3014, Palm Beach, FL 33480


Being the change to bring about change....and Keeping It Real!

Beginning in May 2013 and with the help of Keep PBC Beautiful and SWA, we perform monthly beach clean ups along the island of Palm Beach. We have succeeded in removing over 118,484 pounds of trash off these beaches.

We also have a weekday crew! Our crew consists of individuals from The Lord's Place, an organization that has been changing the lives of homeless families and individuals in Palm Beach County for over 30-years and VitaNova an org that helps young adults transition from foster care to independence by providing a stable, nurturing environment that includes housing, counseling, and education. And now, Goodwill Industries

Help us combat the incoming flow of trash, there are several ways:

* You can make a DONATION to keep these clean ups active and efficient. 

* You can come out to clean once a month on our scheduled dates at the assigned locations posted.

​* You can allow us beach access to clean. We are as quiet as a sea turtle and as efficient as an octopus. 

What We’re Doing - Keeping It Real

Most of you know our beaches are littered with incoming trash and marine debris. This causes a serious threat to the health of our ecosystem and to the amazing creatures that reside in our ocean.

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