Capturing those hard at work helping to rid our beaches and our ocean of plastic pollution and debris. 

Palm Beach Civic Association captures the who, what and why of our efforts! 


Below are links to some AWESOME things we are involved with!!! And Talkin Trash!! 

We were invited on 95.9 to Talk Trash with Penny Pompei on

Talk of the Palm Beaches, click here to listen in....Talkin Trash

And many thanks to WPB Green, Office of Sustainability for our beach walk along and discussion, please click here for that

Protecting Paradise with FPB

The Weather Channel: A World War II era German shipwreck cargo??? Bales of Crepe Rubber

State Farm highlights the amazing students of Surface 71!  

Palm Beach Civic Association helps us help you STAY PLASTIC FREE

Palm Beach Post captures the sad reality on FADs - Fish Aggregating Devices

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